There’s not even a speckle of doubt that mobile applications have made our lives much easier than they were before. However, there is a certain dimension of mobile applications that have pampered consumers to such an extent that it made us look like a spoilt brat! It’s the “On Demand Mobile App Development Industry,” something that has never looked back since the inception of Uber, early this decade. On-demand apps have completely reengineered the manner in which businesses provide service to their customers, and thus have become a popular topic of discussion and debate.

Let’s talk about the state of the On-Demand Economy in the USA. This is because; it’s the Americans who use the most number of On Demand Apps, currently in the world. Here are a few stats- As of now, 42% of the total adult population in the US has used on-demand services, according to Burson-Marsteller’s on-demand economy survey. That’s 86.5 million Americans, quite a promising number, which will grow with newer players entering the market and greater value additions with each passing day

The on-demand user population also consists of a significant number of millennials (49%), according to the Harvard business review. This indicates that if this particular group can be effectively satisfied, the On-Demand App industry would earn some genuine long term future customers. Also, the Venture Capitalists who had missed out on investing in primary players of the on-demand industry, namely UBER and AirBnb are actively looking for on-demand based start-ups that have such potential.